Cannabis Dispensaries
Cannabis Dispensaries

Newbies Guide to Visiting Your First Marijuana Dispensary 

As a newbie who is eager to try cannabis, there are a few things you need to know when visiting marijuana dispensaries like LeafyBuyer. This article will address factors that you should consider when visiting a local cannabis dispensary near you. Ready to learn more? Check out to get started.

First, you need to know there are various strains of weed on the market. Broadly, these strains fall under recreational and medical categories. It is therefore important to know what strain you need. If not sure what you actually need have the courage to ask the budtender for help. Most budtenders are well trained and experienced to give you a good start.

Are the rates clear? Transparency is very important.  A good marijuana dispensary makes sure all customers have access to the same rates. When you are certain about prices, it very likely you will buy. Besides, this help avoids the annoying moment of asking endless questions when buying. Most dispensaries display the prices of different strains to facilitate smooth a smooth buying and selling process. 

It is important to find out if the dispensary is registered. There are scammers on the market who display as genuine sellers. If not careful you can fall prey to these scammers. You don't have to be a victim to make the right decision. Checking if the dispensary has a permit is one way of reducing the possibility of visiting the wrong budtender.

There are dispensaries that require customers to have a card. It is important to find out if your local dispensary requires you to have a cannabis card. If you need one, find out the procedure for getting it. Although it not necessary to have a membership card, most dispensaries make it mandatory for its customers to possess it.

It is also important to check the working hours of the dispensaries. Most dispensaries work during the day. There are those that operate round the clock. Having the knowledge of the operational hours helps in adjusting your visit. Today, you can check the working hours of most businesses online or you can give them a call if you need further clarifications.

The location of the dispensary is another thing you may want to consider. When in hurry or late after work, a dispensary near you is a plus. If there are many dispensaries in your location, consider those that you can access fast when you need help.